Comparing Tablet PCs

A major selling feature of tablet PCs is the ease of getting online so they all come with wireless adaptor for browsing the internet and a local network connection.

Tablet personal computers have several software applications including web browser, gaming and complete office suites.

2010 saw a massive increase in demand for tablet PCs due to the Apple iPad and theSamsung galaxy tab.

The most common and sought after devices in is still the iPad and Samsung galaxy tab with other manufacturers like Samsung following closely.

Major features include reading eBooks and periodicals, watching movies listening to music and playing games and navigation via Google maps and satnav. As a conventional PC to surf the internet, answer emails and run complete office suites.

Most tablet PCs run similar operating systems as their mobile phone counter parts such as the Google Android and Apple OS used in the iPhone and iPod.

They mostly incorporate multitouch display to zoom and focus on display WIFI data connection and 3g wireless to connect to GSM 3G data networks.

Most of the tablet PCs also use the same store account as their mobile phone counterparts so the Ipad uses Apples apps store ITunes and Samsung galaxy tabs uses Google’s Android Market place.

Another important feature is the long battery life with Apples iPad boasting figures like 10 hours of video, 140 hours of audio playback and one month on standby.

Most tablet PCs use flash memory for internal storage with typical capacities ranging in 16, 32 and 64 Gigabytes.

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